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“The inroad theory is just that...a theory.”

Honestly, I am not sure we can call the concept of inroad a theory, perhaps a hypothesis. As you know in science, "theory" is a strong word and requires much supporting experimental evidence. I am not knocking you for this. I really can't remember who's brain-child the concept of "inroad" can be attributed, probably either Ken, Darden, or Arthur. I know it is in the SuperSlow manual and logically makes sense. However, it is not compatible with the experimental evidence. Briefly, the concept of inroad is based upon a momentary decrease in strength - such that (as I remember) training with 80% of one's 1 RM would lead to a 20% inroad. As I stated before, this concept is too simplistic and not indicative of what is occurring physiologically at the cellular level when you apply a stimulus and cut the sucker open to see what happened.