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The Most Advanced Fitness Training and Rehabilitation Equipment in New Orleans, LA.

Exercise Science, LLC exclusively uses MedX equipment, specifically built for the SuperSlow® training protocol. Additionally, we have the full line of MedX Core Spine Care Technology machines (lumbar extension, rotary torso, cervical extension / flexion, abdominal isolator, and the super stretch). MedX medical equipment was specifically designed for physical rehabilitation. Too often, people are concerned with vanity muscles (chest and biceps for men, hips and thighs for women). We are concerned with those also. However, we want to make the entire organism stronger and more resistant to injury, especially the muscles that support and protect the spine. A strong, flexible spine is important for everyone at any age, but especially important as we move through the aging process.

Exercise is important for your mind and body. You will feel better and look better with each training session. To learn more about our fitness training, contact our health fitness center in New Orleans, LA today.
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