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Exercise Science, LLC: Personal Training for New Orleans, LA

While our core business may be personal fitness training, we have the education, the knowledge, the experience, and the tools to treat special needs, work around injuries, improve performance, increase resistance to injury, and administer physical rehabilitation. When you train at Exercise Science, LLC in New Orleans, LA, you don't just have a personal trainer, you have a personal physiologist.

With an intense study of Exercise Physiology, Muscle Physiology, Biomechanics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Genetics, we have refined our personal training protocol in order to provide the client with maximum results in minimum time. We teach what science has shown to be the most effective, most efficient, and safest way to train.

Our goal isn't merely to get you "in shape", but to create a stronger, healthier human, maximize and maintain functional capacity throughout the life span, decrease the incidence of age related degenerative disease, and allow you to approach your maximum genetic capacity. During your personal training session, you'll try several techniques, like weight training, high intensity interval training, and more.

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Every client we train is an experiment unto themselves, throughout the personal training career. Hence, Exercise Science, LLC in New Orleans, LA also serves as a laboratory for collecting data and publishing original research based upon this data, in order to refine and improve the services we offer our clients, tailored to the individual client's genetic potential. We have partnered with HIT Lab, Inc. (High Intensity Training Laboratory, Inc.), in order to provide testing, training, exercise prescription, and evaluation, complimenting and increasing the value of the services we provide. Sign up with our health fitness center today and see the results! We guarantee that our personal training program will make a difference in your life.

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No matter what your fitness goals are, strength training is one of the most important aspects to losing weight and staying fit. Weight training not only increases your strength, but it also increases your ability to move throughout your day. You'll have a stronger body and more energy to meet daily tasks. Weight training increases bone density, and develops fat free, lean muscle mass. Incorporating weight training also supports connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. Ask us about weight training today, and see improvements throughout your entire life.

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We are located in Uptown New Orleans, 4521 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA. 70115.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for fitness training, and experience the best of what the science of exercise has to offer. Our health fitness center is staffed with knowledgeable personal trainers to get you the results you deserve.