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Exciting news for the future of Exercise Science, LLC.

We have exciting news about the future for Exercise Science, LLC.

We will soon have a new home the Lakeview / Mid City area. If everything goes according to plan, our move dates are scheduled for May 10-11.

We have exciting news about the future for Exercise Science, LLC.

I know I have been quiet for a while. The year 2020 was difficult for everyone, obviously. However, we have lots of exciting news concerning the future for Exercise Science, LLC. First of all, we will soon have a new home. In mid May we will be moving to 5331 Canal Blvd. Unit B, New Orleans, LA., 70124. They refer to this area of the city as “Mid-view”, since it is on the edge of Lakeview and Mid City. The new location is much more centrally located and easily accessible from I-10. We will also have our own completely private space with parking. We will be in a beautiful neighborhood that is peaceful, quiet, safe, and not congested.

new location2

Further, we have much to report about how we are helping clients through our implementation of DNAfit genetic testing. Over the next few weeks, I will be giving several examples of this. Any data that we use from this is approved by each individual client and all clients are anonymous. Very soon after we move to our new home, we will also receive our ePro Lumbar machine. I have aided in the development of this machine as a consultant since 2014 and am excited to finally have one to start cranking out more data. There will be much more to report on this later. Stayed turned.



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